About Our Center

Our Center is not like any medical office you’ve ever visited.

That’s what we hear over and over again from patients. Parents have a hard time getting their children to leave our office, and children are excited when they hear they get to come back.

Our center is designed make your family feel safe and nurtured from the moment you walk in the door. The idea that buildings and spaces can influence our mental, physical, and emotional well-being has been accepted for a long time. We believe that a patient’s environment includes everything taken in by the senses, from the quality of light in the room, the colours, sounds and smells. Unlike the sensory overload that most medical clinics have, our center has been created with the intent of creating a peaceful, healing space for your family.

Read more about our philosophy on holistic healing here

• Softly Lazure painted walls with non-toxic watercolor paints

• Every room has large windows with views of trees and greenery.

• Large, beautifully furnished, bright, non-clinical and child friendly exam rooms with wood furniture.

• Full Spectrum lights

• There is a wooden treehouse for imaginative play, nourishing books to read, beeswax crayons and pencils for drawing, and wood toys to play with. This allows both the children and the parents to feel comfortable.

• Soothing music and water fountains

• Artwork by Iris Sullivan that helps illuminate and move the soul of the viewer to a quiet knowing and an inner peace.

• Non toxic, green cleaning products used throughout our building

• We recycle