Holistic Health Consults for Adults

While Dr. Allen primarily sees children,  he also provides holistic health consultations for adults. Board certified in Holistic/Integrative Medicine  and Anthroposophic Medicine, he has been very successful in helping many adults towards optimum health where traditional medicine has failed them.

During the holistic consultation, Dr Allen really listens to you and performs an extensive and specialized history and physical exam, including your overall health and lifestyle, life experiences, your constitution and temperament, and emotional and spiritual health. Dr Allen utilizes his knowledge of human physical, emotional and spiritual development, to uncover areas of imbalance.

After developing a complete picture of who you are, he then creates individualized treatment plans which may include using natural remedies,nutrition or referral to other therapies, to help nourish and support you on your strategic path back to achieving balance once again. Part of that plan involves helping to guide you to look at who you are, why you are here, and the reason for the challenges in your life.



  •  New Patient Consultations  (1-1 1/2 hrs) $300-$450
  • Simple Acute Visit (15 minute): $75
  • Complex Acute Visit (multiple problems -30 minutes) $150
  • Simple Follow-Up Visits: (15 minutes) $75
  • Telephone/Email Consulations $300/hr (pro-rated every 15 minutes)