Eurythmy Therapy

Eurythmy Therapy, Cynthia Hoven

Eurythmy Therapy is a movement therapy based on the paradigm that the human being who is striving for maximum health needs to be balanced in mind, heart and body.

Eurythmy Therapy was begun by Dr. Rudolf Steiner, and has been used as an adjunct treatment in anthroposophical medical clinics and hospitals worldwide for nearly 100 years. Eurythmy clients are welcomed into a warm and nurturing environment. There they are taught movements to practice that are specific for their condition, offering challenges and support for a wide range of issues.

Exercises are personally tailored to offer either vigorous or calming movement sequences, depending on the situation. Clients are specifically guided to practice mindfulness and inner awareness with all exercises, thereby harmonizing and integrating mind, feeling and movement. This enlivened will activity can remediate physical, functional, movement, emotional, metabolic and even cognitive health challenges, while supporting the patient’s overall level of health and vitality.

Eurythmy is also very important as a treatment modality for children, especially during the formative years. The integrative eurythmy exercises have been shown to help with coordination and attention difficulties, sensory-motor integration problems, anxiety, hyperactivity, difficulty with reading or math, poor memory, and more.

A typical eurythmy therapy programs entails seven 40 minute sessions, usually offered once a week. Individual arrangements may be possible.