Therapies FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about our Therapies Services
If you have specific questions about your treatment, contact your practitioner.

How do I make an appointment forĀ  a therapy offered at your center?

Do you take insurance?

How much are your fees for therapies?

How many visits will I need?

Do you sell remedies and supplements?

Questions about Craniosacral Therapy Sessions with Linda Lazar Allen

How do I make an appointment for a therapy?
Appointments for therapies are made directly with the therapist or doctor at our center. Please see our Contact Us page for practitioner phone numbers.

Do you take insurance?
No, all of our providers are fee for service. However some patients are able to get reimbursed through their insurance plan for our services. Please check with your individual insurance plan for more details.

How much are your fees for therapies?
As each practitioner runs their practice independently, treatment fees vary for each of them. To learn more, please contact practitioner directly.

How many visits will I need?
Based on your specific health issues, your practitioner will develop a personalized treatment plan with recommendations on how often you should meet with them.

Do you sell natural remedies and supplements?
As a convenience to our patients, we offer a full line of holistic and natural remedies available for purchase in our office. All products retail for the same or lower than remedies sold in the area.We are proud to feature products by:
Uriel Pharmacy

True Botanica

Blue Lizard
If you are running low on the supplements you have purchased at Center for Living Health, you may come by the office during normal business hours to pick them up. We can also ship items. Shipping costs are $3.99 for one item, and $.99 for each additional item shipped.