Transpersonal Psychology

William Bento, PhD  PSY22675

Transpersonal Clinical Psychologist Consultant & Adult Educator


Listening with Compassion, Responding with Empathy,
Reflecting with Meaningfulness, Engaging with Integrity

As we witness the accelerated dimishment of the health bearing forces within nature
and the increasing lack of conscientious nurture in our society, the need to tap into
the well spring of our own individual intentions becomes ever more important. It is
only through attentiveness to our inner experiences that we can become determinant
factors in the life we live. We have the choice to respond to life’s joys and sorrows with
either despair or dignity. At times, finding the will to do as we wish requires that we
be understood, supported, guided to the discovery of new insights, and encouraged to
take the action necessary in resolving the challenges placed before us.

William Bento offers his services, fully mindful of these basic needs. Every individual, whether in
doubt, pain, and/or fear, strives to align one’s will with the highest good attainable. That
good is the healing power of love. Doing it for one’s Self, as well as for the others in our
lives, and in the world, is not always an easy task. Yet, it is every human being’s destiny
to strive to attain and share this goodness we know as Love!

“What really matters is what happens in us, not to us.”

Services & Fees

  • Transpersonal Life Coaching: Sliding scale $75 to $125 per hour
  • Organizational Development Consultations: $125 per hour or $750 per day
  • Adult Education Lectures & Workshops: $175 per lecture or $750 per workshop General Topics: Spiritual Science, Star Wisdom, Soul Wisdom, Meditative Practices,Community Development, Group Process, and Threefolding. All specific areas of concern and requests will be seriously considered. All travel expenses, lodging, and food to be paid by sponsoring party.